Not So Little

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4 yr.

8 yrs.

We had a birthday at the blue hutch and if you have been around for any length of time you know that means a day of celebration – sometimes silly. Little turned 8 last Monday and told everyone she passed. I am surprised you haven’t already heard, actually. Anyway, 8 isn’t a party year but Little had been talking for months about wanting an “Olivia Birthday” (the piglet on Nick Jr.) and so we did our best to make it so. Bubba even got into the theme:

Olivia loves red (a pig after my own heart) and wears striped tights and a little red dress, SO, I found some red and white striped leggings, whipped up a little skirt to go with the traditional birthday t-shirt and could have done nothing else for the rest of the day. Talk about bang for your buck! I spent less than $10 and my little girl talked of nothing else for days. “I am dressed like Olivia!” and “I dressed like Olivia”.

This year’s t-shirt was a team effort this year. Thanks to the Crazy Crafty Nana on for the GREAT applique. Isn’t it perfect? (side note: I have decided I am taking these t-shirts and making a quilt with them one day. Won’t that be super?)

There were cupcakes for school and a little party over lunch. You can tell I am “growing up” because I bought the cupcakes at Sam’s and only made the toppers myself. It actually cost less AND saved hours of time I don’t really have. This may be a no brainer for you, but it is a sign of spiritual growth for me!

We had a simple family celebration at home – cake and a couple of gifts. Pet Pals 2 for the Leap Pad was the “giddy gift” in Little’s mind, but the siblings were most excited about Uno Moo.

At the end of the day, Little was eight years old and not as little as I would like. We are so thankful for the work God is doing in her life and the victories He is steadily giving her. If only I would love as blindly as she and live as joyfully. What a gift she has been to us.

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8 Responses to Not So Little

  1. What a perfect birthday! I love reading about your family.

  2. April says:

    Once again….you are the best mom ever. You have outdone yourself again! She truly lives up to her middle name.

  3. Debbie says:

    Another wonderful birthday celebration!! How did you get the black and white on her cake?? I love that!

  4. Marcie says:

    Yep, the cake is beautiful! Bravo for buying the cupcakes!!! I love the the quilt idea; it will be a treasure.

  5. julia says:

    The quilt idea is great. Our friend took all the t-shirts from the plays she and her siblings were in over the years and made a quilt. Wow, where has the time gon now that Little is 8yo!

  6. I loved reading this…..seeing her makes me tear up. I remember being pregnant with you at the same time and reading about our eldest kids’ first year of life. Enjoy her!

  7. zellner says:

    she is a blessing to everyone she meets. A testimony of God’s sovereignty, love and beauty! So thankful for that 8 year old and her powerful impact on this world!

  8. Nicole Summerall says:

    Such a sweet day for such a sweet girl. YES to the quilt!


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