One time, at Chickfila. . .

That’s right – another post about Chickfila.  (I should get a free sandwich for all the advertising I do for them. . .Hmmm. ) Last week the little restaurant in the mall had a “Daddy and His Princess” night.  Honey was just as excited as KB about the evening out together.

The plans for the evening included a free meal if you dressed up like a princess,

an “up-do” at the neighboring JCPenney’s salon,

and a free 8×10 from the JCPenney Portrait Studio.  (The line was 1 hour+ so our princess didn’t get the glamour shot.)

What a fun idea and what a great time Honey had with our little one.  I am so very thankful for the folks that invented the chicken sandwich and the values that drive their promotions.  Such good values . . .

And here’s the new marketing gal who was responsible for this event. . . straight to us from a storybook.

KB told me, “I got to meet a REAL princess too!”
I corrected her, “You got to meet ANOTHER real princess, sweetie.”

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4 Responses to One time, at Chickfila. . .

  1. Uncle Andy says:

    Good one!

  2. Coralie says:

    Sometimes I wish my husband still worked at the mall . . .

  3. What a beautiful princess and great way to spend time with Daddy! We know absolutely nothing about princesses at our house, so thanks for a peek into that world.

  4. Debbie Ertel says:

    What a fun night for both of them! We get free breakfast at CFA on Friday–woo hoo!!
    Just got back from B’ham and loved having lunch with your mom and nieces. Got to see Brooke and Andy for a bit, too. You’ve got a great family!


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