Organizing the Kitchen (HOW TO!!!)

My friend, Julie, from The Ordered Home is at it again! She helped me with a plan for school papers and inspired my plan to simplify throughout my home; now she is going to help me tame my kitchen.  We are not exclusive – – – she would love to help you too! *wink*

There’s a discount if you register with a friend – it’s like a class with a buddy system.  So, grab a buddy and come have breakfast with me and my friend Julie!

“Organizing the Kitchen”
Creating Order in the Heart of Your Home

March 24, 2012, 9:00am-10:30am   

Learn simple and effective ways to organize your kitchen! In this class you will learn how to organize everything from bakeware to spices, from the pantry to the utensil drawer, from under the sink to over the refrigerator! The kitchen is the heart of your home and you will love having it be functional, efficient, and organized to serve your family well.
$35.00 includes materials, sweet rolls and beverages.
Space is limited to 10.
Register with a friend and you both save $5.00.
If you can’t attend, click on through to Julie’s website and watch her appearances on the Fox morning show.  SOOO many great tips!
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2 Responses to Organizing the Kitchen (HOW TO!!!)

  1. Coralie says:

    Oh man I would be there in a heart beat if my husband didn’t serve chicken every Saturday morning! Maybe I could attend by Skype? 🙂

  2. april says:

    I’m checking with a friend to see if she can join me, but I definitely want to come either way.


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