A Nice Day – Mostly

Today was a nice day. . .for the most part.

Everyone slept until seven o’clock, which is unheard of in our house. nice.

Honey went to study and the kids played quietly, alternating between paints, Leapads, and episodes of Olivia. nice.

I did laundry, dishes, and sewing (I am frantically trying to finish birthday presents for my nieces and nephew). nice.

We had lunch. nice.

Honey came home at lunch time and I asked if he would take the kiddos to the PlayPlace so they could run off the energy that had been building over the morning. He quickly agreed and grabbed his Fast Company magazine to read while they played. They were gone for a couple hours!!! NICE.

When they arrived home there were stories of ice cream, hide and seek, and a little boy who accidentally poked KB in the eye. Her eye was still red and puffy from her rubbing it, so I consoled her and gave kisses.

Fast forward to 4:00pm. KB is still crying about her eye and can’t keep it open. Honey calls the eye doctor’s exchange while I snuggle with my weepy child. After listening to Honey’s description and concerns(Honey asked KB what it felt like and she gave the VERY helpful response, “It feels like hurting”) the doctor on call instructed us to take her to the emergency room right away.

Seriously. Do you think I can make this stuff up? Our life reads like a Thursday night dramedy on A&E.

Of course you should deduce from the fact that I am even writing this that all is well. She has a scratch on her eyeball and I am sure it is just as uncomfortable as it sounds. There are antibiotic drops to give twice a day over the next week and instructions for follow up.

Honey took the prescription to be filled and while they were waiting took KB out for Chinese. When they returned home our youngest was laden with gifts for the siblings less fortunate than she (“they didn’t get to go to the Saint Luke’s”). There were stickers and activity pads and crayons. I’m nervous about what Bubba might do to get a trip to the ER for himself!

The children all fell into bed and this is when I got to see a glimpse of myself in my little girl. Her daddy had tucked her in and closed the door for the night, but I heard a quiet, “moooooommy” reach my ears. I went to see what was needed and it turned out that she just needed to give me the details of her trip; a play by play, if you will. I smiled as she told me about the wrap that squeezed her arm, the thing they put on her thumb that made a picture come up on the screen, the light in a box that the doctor used to see her scratch, and the fact that “nothing hurted! God knew what was happening all along.” nice.

And then the house was still. I am sure I lead you all to believe there is never a quiet moment here, but the truth is that we usually have quiet by 7:30pm. Honey and I sat together in the living room; content to check our email, update our Words with Friends games, and watch an episode of the West Wing. nice.

Yep, today was a nice day, for the most part.

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4 Responses to A Nice Day – Mostly

  1. Aww, poor KB. Matthew managed to scratch my cornea with his fingernail whilst nursing early morning when he was about 5 months old. It was awful. I promptly found an eye doctor I could walk to, piled the boys in the big honkin’ double stroller and walked a few blocks down the street to get help from what turned out to be a great eye doctor. No way was I safe to dry when I couldn’t open my eye and it was all weepy. My stroller took up 1/3 of the waiting room and I was questioned about if my baby daddies were the same since my kids don’t match. We’re a bit of a sitcom here too, I guess. I’m glad you found so much “nice” in your day. It’s the little things.

  2. Jo Ann Vargo says:

    I cut the inside of my eye lid several years ago and it was extremely painful so I understand KB’s pain!! I was rubbing my eye and had a receipt in my hand and it went in the eye. It was amazing how quickly the pain got under control with the meds. I had to wear sunglasses out in public for awhile to help–just a suggestion 🙂

  3. Debbie Ertel says:

    Glad to hear it was an overall nice day. So sorry about KB’s eye! Hope it is already feeling better. I guess I might have called in the middle of all that. Did you get the necessary email?

  4. Julia says:

    That KB is such a Drama Queen!


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