Random December Ditties Dos

Our landlord has taken to bringing the mail to me each day around 2:00PM.  It’s very sweet.  What’s even sweeter is that I believe he does it so we can have our daily chat and he can see whichever little one is home that day.  He tells me about his family news (2 weddings and a great grand baby coming up) and I listen and laugh.

The week before Christmas we were chatting and Mr. Meyer asked what the kids’ wanted for Christmas.  I just laughed and let him know that KB wanted a stroller, Bubba told Santa he wanted a “maze” and we had no idea what that meant, and Little wanted (everyone say it together) an orange dog named Frank.  He rolled his eyes and said, ‘That doesn’t help me at all!’  I told him that now he knows how it feels to Christmas shop in my house and wished him a Merry Christmas.

He arrived at our house at 11:00AM Christmas Eve and was carrying three large black trash bags.  He was so excited – just tickled pink about giving the bags and their content to the kids.  Inside each bag was a very large animal (that’s what the tag actually said).  He and Mrs. Meyer had seen them at Sam’s, looked at each other and smiled, and Mr. Meyer had gone for a second cart.  Isn’t that dear?  KB got a 6′ caterpillar that she has named “Snugglebug”, Little got a hippo, and Bubba got a very large dog.  KB and Bubba have slept with their very large animals every night since. (Excuse Bub’s eyes – he had just had surgery the day before. . .)

Then there was the surgery, of course.  Here Bubba sits ready to leave with his cool glasses to block the sun, lined bucket to block the barf, and heavy coat to block the cold air.  He looked up at me and actually said, “I look so cool.”  Sorta, baby.

Bubba attended three birthday parties within a week and one of them required a Star Wars costume.  Thankfully, my friend Amy has two sons and twice as many SW costumes! Bubba was pretty adamant that he NOT be Darth Vader (he has no idea who these folks are) but was willing to go as Anakin Skywalker because of the Skywalker bit.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that he DID go as Darth Vader. . . sorta.   Isn’t he adorable?

Then last, but not least, Bubba played Bananagrams with me for the first, second, third and fourth times.  It was so very fun.  He loved it and I am hoping it is the beginning of a new stage for our family.

Chronicling all this makes me think that we packed a year of activity into December.  It was a wonderful month and we set our own pace (for the most part), but MAN.  Was YOUR December super busy?

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2 Responses to Random December Ditties Dos

  1. Debbie Ertel says:

    There is just something so fun about extra-large stuffed animals! What a sweet neighbor! Your picture and comment of Bubba leaving the hospital made me laugh outloud and I LOVE that Bubba plays Bananagrams with you. That is one of my favorites, but only have one child who will occasionally play it with me :). Have a great Saturday!

  2. LAR says:

    Hey Becky! I have to admit that I haven’t been able to check all my blogs lately, but found some time today as I’m on a “work break” – ha! LOVE LOVE LOVE THE BIG ANIMALS!! How much fun that Mr. Meyer and his wife must have had buying those big things!!! That is the sweetest thing EVER!!


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