Go Cards!

You are expecting a post about the World Series. I have very little to say about that tonight other than “I can’t believe how much I know about it,” and, “I cannot believe we stranded that many runners!” Now that it’s out of my system, I can move on to our Bubs and his experience with our beloved birds.

September 25 (yes, a month ago), our school district had a special day at the ballpark and Honey took the opportunity to take Bubba to his first baseball game. There was really no better way for Bubba to be introduced to America’s favorite pastime; Honey LOVES the game and gave Bubs EVERY opportunity to fall in love with it too.

First there was the train ride into the city with a car full of red shirts and excited fans.

Turns out that at the game the guys were seated right next to the Principal, Mr. Schmerold. Bubba is still young enough to think that is cool, but not as cool as being on an outing alone with his dad.

No peanuts and Cracker Jacks but Honey did make sure Bubba had the experience of eating a stadium hot dawg.

Bubba had a great time. He consistently refers to the trip with a tone of admiration. The funny thing is that KB talks about Bubba’s outing with great disdain. SHE is the child who likes to crawl up in Honey’s lap and watch the game. SHE reminds us that she has not been to a game yet. It is she who would probably be a perfect game buddy for her Daddy.

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1 Response to Go Cards!

  1. Debbie Ertel says:

    What a great memory for Honey and Bubba! Glad they managed to get a few pictures for you. I am sure KB will get her turn one day :).


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