Listen and Laugh

You never know what you are going to hear at our house:

I told Little she needed to wear a different shirt because of how cold it was. She needed help getting her short sleeve shirt off and then she said, “I’ll stay naked and play Playdoh.”

Honey was getting ready to take a shower. He removed his shirt and then sat down at the computer to read “one thing”. Bubba came in asking Honey something, but once he was through the door his words stopped. The next thing I heard from Bubba was, “You’re naked and I don’t want to see you that way!!” Bubba left and went back downstairs.

After listing off 20 people to invite to her “really big birthday pahty”, KB took a deep breath and said, “Just everyone!”

It is 11:10 PM and KB was just up going potty. I had to change her sheets so she was really awake. Pujols hit his third home run of the night while we were waiting for daddy to get ibuprofen (103 fever today) and Honey was telling us in his outside voice. KB yelled “Go Cards!!!” and then said, “Tonight is so exciting. It’s great.” and then she rolled over to go back to sleep. She’s a native.

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