Soccer Update

I realized tonight that I never posted any photos of my son in action on the soccer field. These photos are actually from the second game and he is doing even better now.  BUT these pictures give a very accurate picture of what the first weeks of soccer really looked like for these kindergartners!

He’s having a great time even though he really wants to play goalie and hasn’t had the opportunity.  His words, “Mom, there are two positions in soccer – goalie and not goalie.”

I don’t really care about his skills  – just look at him! He’s just the cutest soccer player ever.

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3 Responses to Soccer Update

  1. Debbie Ertel says:

    Soccer at that age is one of the most fun things to watch :). Can’t wait to hear about his goalie skills!

  2. Julia says:

    I love me some herd-ball! Bubba looks engaged in the action which is good. He is not picking up grass or chasing clouds. Looking forward to seeing him playing goalie.

  3. Susan says:

    ‘Goalie and not goalie’ he’s worked it out!!


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