One More Soccer Photo

I forgot the best photo; the one that captures what kindergarten soccer is truly about. . .

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3 Responses to One More Soccer Photo

  1. Julia says:

    Is that goalie cone huffing for kindergarten soccer?

  2. Debbie Ertel says:

    The cones look like fun, but our kids always enjoyed the end-of-game snack best of all!

  3. Ha! We put the Xan-man in soccer at the Y when he was just barely 2. He guarded the juice boxes. He did not stand in any lines to patiently wait his turn to kick the ball, he did not try to kick the ball when asked to do so. He did not run up and down the field. He did occasionally run totally off the field to play on the playground nearby. The whole point of soccer was totally lost on him.

    But juice boxes have never been more safe than when X was on duty.


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