Signs, Signs, Everywhere signs

While making the decadent cookies pictured yesterday, I also put the final touches on these signs for our children’s ministry at church.  I would put a pan of cookies in the oven, measure and cut ribbon, open the oven and smush the cookies flat (that is the technical term – smush), then turn and sew the ribbon while the cookies finished.  It was a great system – very Martha Stewart  “Staff Worker for Martha Stewart”.

You are wondering what they are.  Nametags will clip to them.  We had signs but the Director thought they needed a “Touch of Cutesy”.  I think I went overboard and they are Simply Adorable!!

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2 Responses to Signs, Signs, Everywhere signs

  1. Debbie says:

    So CUTE!! Way to multi-task! Hope you enjoyed your lunch yesterday :).

  2. Not overboard at all!


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