Snacks for School

In the mornings Bubba attends Pre-K at the Christian School that is a ministry of our church.  There is a rotation of some sort that allows for each child to be “Child of the Day” at different times throughout the year.  When you are “Child of the Day” you are the line leader, etc.  and you come home with a badge on your shirt so that your mother can be reminded that she is responsible for snacks on the next school day.
Bubba was “Child of the Day” last Monday and so I was responsible for snacks on Wednesday.  Tuesday I read this post on a blog I love and decided that I was going to make those yummy looking treats for school.  I stopped short of dipping them in chocolate and rolling them in sprinkles; don’t want to come across to the teacher as an overachiever hungry for approval 🙂 
Instead, I took a picture of my pretty cookies and will now post them here for you to see.  You can feel free to tell me how much you approve *wink*.
**These were NOT hard to make and DID taste better the second day and even better the third day.
Recipe (and precious recipe card) can be found here.
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1 Response to Snacks for School

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Becky, Helen from Oz here. They look SO good. I'm sitting here at 10.30 pm and I'm desperate for something sweet, so I'm almost drooling. I think these plus hot chocolate will be a must for you with the blizzards you are having in the US. We are having floods and fires and cyclones here at the moment. It is time for Christians everywhere to repent and pray for their lands. Love from Helen.


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