Working on Cutesy Valentines

Back in August I bought extra school supplies – remember when school supplies were a nickel each? I got 20 index card holders like these:

and 20 mini composition notebooks like these:
a couple extra packs of crayola crayons and chocolate.  This weekend the kids and I sat at the kitchen table and worked on Valentines.  We pulled labels off cases, put one notebook, three crayons, and a chocolate bar inside and then closed them up to wait for a cutesy label. . . like this one:
or this girlier one:
The thing is, we made little travel kits.  A little card will go in the inside pocket of the case that says:
Cutesy, eh???
Then tonight another label was “born” for these little goodies I bought in August:
The label is adorable (if I do say so myself) and here it is:
That takes care of Bubba and KB.  Little’s valentines have to be picked up from Sam’s, cut and have magnets attached.  She is giving out bookmarks.  I got the idea here and Jill, the author, allows encourages folks to use the bookmarks she creates and posts on her blog.  SO. . . I did.  No one has to twist my arm. . . 
Here’s an example:

They are going to be darling.  Financially I ended up spending less than I would on boxes of valentine cards from Walmart and it’s all something kiddos can use and not just throw away.  PLUS, they’ll all get a piece of candy too so their sweet tooth will be satisfied.  Everybody wins.  Fun Times.

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