Snow Day – In Retrospect

We are about to have MORE snow so I thought I should get this blog post done before I am getting my snow days mixed up.

If you remember back, I asked for help on what to do on another snow day.  Shout out to my dear friend, Debbie, who commented, Wear pj’s all day and have a “picnic” somewhere out of the ordinary, work on Valentines, let each child (and mom, too, if you want) choose an activity that EVERYONE must do for a specified amount of time, (We would play hide and seek in the house sometimes), or pull out toys that rarely get played with and hope that they realize how much fun they really are :).”

I took part of Deb’s advice and at breakfast asked everyone what they would want to do that day if they could pick anything.  KB wanted to “play pretend”.  (When I asked her what she would like to pretend she answered, “Little can be Chloe and Bubba can be her brother.  I’ll be the sister, you can be the mommy and . . .” Honey interrupted and said, “Can I be the daddy?”  KB said, “That sounds good.”  Sarcastic me said, “So basically you want us to call Little Chloe all day?”  KB giggled and said, “Mommy you are so funny.”)  I asked KB to pick another thing too and she said she would like to color sleds.  Little wanted to build a snowman.  Bubba wanted to play Leapsters together.  I chose Hide and Go Seek in the house (a family favorite).  Honey chose watching an episode of Winter Wipeout.

We started with hide and seek. . . one of the kids would go into the living room and count to 10 really loudly.  The other two kids and myself would run hide.  What happened at 10 was very amusing.  The two hiding kids would come out of hiding and the three would work together to find me.  It was hilarious to listen to them.  Super cute.  (Honey was unavailable for Hide and Go Seek.)

Next we bundled everyone up in layers of clothing so we could head outside and build a snowman. . .

I’m sorry, didn’t mean to mislead you. . . so THEY could build a snowman while I took pictures.

The temperature was too low and the snow too powdery, so a snowman was not to be had.  The kids wondered around for a bit. . .

. . . threw a few snowballs. . .

. . . and then settled in to making snow angels for quite some time (my favorite part of the day, I might add).

Little, not really one to play, looked for a task to accomplish and set out to clean off the van.

That kept her attention for minutes and she decided to shovel the sidewalk.

All in all I would say they stayed out 30 min. or so; an impressive amount for 20+ degree weather.  Like a pro-mom I let them in the side door and stripped off the top layer of their clothing and revealed a perfectly dry layer beneath.  They were welcome by a steaming kettle and moments later we were sitting around the table enjoying hot chocolate.

When the kids came out from rest time/naps, there were sled coloring pages waiting for them and we colored and colored.  The afternoon was wrapped up with the older two playing Leapster together, KB and I watching “Go, Diego, Go!”, and Honey packing up to leave for the first class of the semester at SLU.   

mine – 

Sadly, there was no Winter Wipeout since SLU was one of the only schools in town to NOT have a snow day.  Overall, though, the day was wonderful and having a plan/list was the perfect idea for us.  Thanks, Deb.  I owe you big time!!

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1 Response to Snow Day – In Retrospect

  1. Debbie says:

    Looks like a very fun day!! Glad I could help out :). You did a great job on your sled, by the way. Hope you are all set for another round of snow.


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