Mom’s Influence and Aid

My mom is convinced that she is bothering me when she gives input. It’s hilarious. After decades of input into my life, I finally WANT her to give it and she apologizes every time she does. She uses phrases like, “I don’t know what I am talking about, but. . .” and “I’m just going to throw this out and you can ignore it if you want” (wouldn’t THAT have been fun to hear in 10th grade?).

Thing is, I hear every word of what she says and MOST of it takes root and gets put to good use. It may take several weeks, but that’s just the life I am called to. Stuff takes time.

So, mom was here the first week of February and we cleaned out the files. I am almost done shredding the stuff that was embarrassing (phone bills from four years ago – – WHAT??) and have managed to keep new paperwork under control. As you know, we also cleaned out the cooking utensil drawer and it is still looking good.

One of the unplanned projects was the cabinet over my oven. My pans are there on one side and baking “stuff” was on the other. And 30+ plastic bags. Yep. I would just stuff them up there after a Walgreens trip and pull one down when Little pooped. Mom said, “I am just going to throw this out there and do with it what you want, but Becky I’m sorry – you should get one of those fabric bag holders and get those bags out of your cabinets. You are wasting space. Now I may not know what I am talking about, but you could hang one of those fabric hangers right over there. You could even sew one probably.”

Now, honestly this wasn’t a new idea for me, and I did want to sew one. The real maturity came in my realizing that I wasn’t going to sew one and it was worth it to go to and buy one that someone else sewed. So, two weeks after my mom left I bought, received, and hung this:

It now hangs over on my white pantry cabinet and looks adorable. The color matches the blue hutch perfectly and the utensils look cute with my other utensil wall art. I love stuffing plastic bags in and Little’s poop is even not as vile since I get to pull a plastic bag out of my new hanger ditty.

Mom, you DID know what you were talking about and I did something with it. No need to apologize – plastic bags in the cabinet is ridiculous and a waste of space. Thanks for being brave, risking rejection (eye roll) and putting this idea out there. I LOVE MY BAGS BAG AND MY CABINET SPACE!!!

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1 Response to Mom’s Influence and Aid

  1. Cath says:

    I love your mum already – she is wise enough to know that grown up girls are wary of their mum's advice, but she is still willing to give it – with all the loving disclaimers! You'll be doing the same thing one day…


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