At the end of February I attended a denominational women’s leadership conference. The conference was held in Atlanta and the attendees were all in positions of leadership in their local church. Five women from our church flew down together and had a BLAST for three days. Well, 2.5 days really. The last five hours together we were all so exhausted it was hard to form sentences! Amy Wilkerson, Linda McKindley, Sherry Drury, Me, Jean Bronson

I’ve grown up in the Presbyterian Church of America. My daddy is a pastor, my mom is my mom, and my husband now works at the denominational seminary. I knew a couple people there but it was funny to be back in the part of the country where I am known by my parents. Jane Patete is the denominational director of Women’s Ministries and a friend of moms. This picture’s just for you, mom!

We went through seminary with a couple of the gals who were there. Debbie and her husband are working with youth in Florida now but they used to live down the street in one of the apartments in our complex. We only got minutes together but it was fun to see photos of the kids and hear how they are doing.

Lani came to seminary with her six kids! and was such an encouragement and mentor during school. She mentored us gals by living her life – not just in special meetings and one-on-one sit downs. Lani’s husband is pastoring in Illinois and watching her with the group of women from her church, well, it looks like Lani is still loving women toward Jesus! So fun to see her and get a couple hugs.

The weekend was good. The main speaker was a professor from the Seminary and he did a WONDERFUL job. The workshops and breakout times by regions were good. Many of the churches represented were small and things were geared toward them. In the future it would be great to see more options for churches with 300+ members. We’ll see.

On Saturday my sister and brother-in-law picked me up and we had lunch together.
They had gone to a Hawks/Mavericks game the night before and I got a play-by-play over seafood at Spundivits. We had a ball. It is always super fun to be with family. The time went quickly and they dropped me at the airport so they could go to Ikea before heading home.

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3 Responses to FEB PCA WIC ATL

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the pictures. Jane called me yesterday and we had a great chat. MM

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am reading your blog in an attempt to follow you and Anna Banana. Frankly, I an tired of reading about “The Bee”.
    She hasn't even done a post about “It's a Girl”.
    She needs intervention!!!!!
    Love to all!!!!


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