July 4 – In Retrospect

It has almost been a month since the USA’s birthday, but the pictures involve cute kiddies’ feet and therefore must be posted. July 4 is a holiday I don’t know what to do with at this phase of life. We can dress in appropriate colors and eat traditional cookout fare with friends or family (or both) – but our little ones can’t stay up for fireworks and, well, I don’t know. So, I do what I know to do – be crafty.

I am truly thankful for Family Fun! What a great source of ideas. They were the inspiration for this year’s craft and fun was had by all (right, Honey?).

We also made ribbon flip flops for the girls. This was not as big a hit but my nephew and I had a good time, at least. Cole was an EXCELLENT helper because he was very good at making sure the ribbons were well balanced on either side of the shoe.

I am struck by the fact that when I lived overseas, July 4 was VERY special. We sang patriotic songs with great gusto and got misty at the things we missed about “the homeland”. Things are different for me now. And while the years have brought honest perspective, they have also deepened my appreciation for the freedoms we have. So, I celebrate the freedom to gather with my family and, without fear, thank God for our many blessings. I celebrate having two special children that no one has taken away because of their strain on society or something else horrible. I am thankful for our home and Honey’s job and the choice of 10+ grocery stores in a 5 mile radius from which to buy our food. And, if I may be so silly to mention it, I am thankful for a Hobby Lobby AND Michaels just around the corner. We are very blessed. Very Blessed.

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2 Responses to July 4 – In Retrospect

  1. annaj says:

    CUTE flip flops! 🙂

  2. Allison says:

    cute family pic!! and I agree, the flip-flops are adorable! I wish I could get my hands on KB- her little expression in the 3rd pic down- i could eat her w/a spoon!!


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