Last week the Lord God showed mercy to me by having dear friends stop by on their way to Colorado. Bryan and Erika lived a few doors down from us in seminary and we had our first children just days apart. Then they moved away and it has been sad.

Erika is a kindred spirit – one of those people you could pick right back up with after time away; and we did. Their 30 minute stop turned into an hour and a half and I am so thankful they gave us that. Honey even left work to come home and get in on the pandemonium!

All three of our children are the same age (maybe months apart, but VERY close!) They had a good time – the girls gave each other a run for their money on who would play with what, but a fat lip and banged head later and they conceded. KB even ran out and asked for the van door to be opened so she could give C one more goodbye!!

Thanks, guys. I know, it’s OUR TURN!

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2 Responses to Friends

  1. Megan says:

    That was funny. I was reading this thinking it was Erika's blog for a minute before realizing it was yours. We overlapped with them at Village 7 for a few months before we moved away.

    Funny! Glad you had a great visit!

  2. erika says:

    funny how i'm just now seeing this 2 1/2 weeks later…it WAS fun. OH…to be closer. 🙂 You are a dear friend, girl. praying for you~


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