Therapeutic Listening

Another new part of Bubba’s life is Therapeutic Listening.  Some folks think it’s a bunch of hooey, but Little did this when she was about 2 and it really helped her vestibular system find some balance.  Example: she would NOT swing when she was little.  If we set her in the child’s swing she would shake – violently.  She had no sense of her body in space and hanging in air like that scared her to death.

So, what is TL? I tried to type an explanation but failed miserable so I thought you could look here to read about it.  If you’re like me and not proned to clicking through on links, I will tell you this much: Therapeutic Listening™ selectively combines a number of electronically altered compact discs within a Sensory Integrative frame of reference. Individual listening programs are created and customized by a trained occupational therapists, including type of music, length of treatment session, home program and duration of the program.

Bubba LOVES it.  I have seen obvious effects in his speech – it is FREAKY!!  I love it.  Complete sentences, talks to KB, attends better to instruction.  We’re gonna keep on for a bit and see what else we see!

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4 Responses to Therapeutic Listening

  1. Penny says:

    that’s awesome! …and so encouraging. i’m glad to hear good things are happening. you’re in my prayers…

    on a side note, i have to admit i’m so jealous you finished your blurb book. considering i told you about blurb months ago and i’m still not done! i’m so mad at myself… oh well. can’t wait ’til you get it to see how it turned out.

  2. annaj says:

    where’d you get the chair??

  3. Ann Louise says:

    Keep it up! I just went to a sensory integration class and it talked about how the other senses can get organized through a certain sense. So it definitely does organize his other senses so its not so distracting to him! t6hen it lets him be able to interact more with the world without it overwhelming him.

    When I came by to get those diapers, I saw a huge noticable difference in his attending to me and talking to me!!!!!

  4. Debbie says:

    Cool! Never heard of such a thing, but how great for you to see such positive results.


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