Hat Tip to Joan Steffend

We had cable for a year and during that year I became very close with HGTV . Specifically, the show Decorating Cents was my all time favorite and Joan Steffend was a name heard around our house quite regularly. Honey would watch the show with me and helped bring my decorating plans to fruition – always with a “hat tip” to Joan when we finished a project.

At the end of every show (they redid a room for under $500), there was a Joan voice over that would recap all the changes that were made and the cost of each. Without fail the words “touch of whimsy” were used in every episode. It seems that there are defined elements one thinks of when planning a decorating masterpiece: color, space, and touches of whimsy.

A month or so ago my sweet Honey told me that the decorating of our home had taken a turn since we moved into this house. His words were, “It lacks a certain touch of whimsy.”

I could have been mad (I am sure I was a bit touched off by it) but as I looked around the house I saw what he meant. The kitchen was STARK and needed so much help. Enter the precious curtains memom helped make and now these:

Seriously – aren’t they COOL!!! I’m going to hang them on either side of the mirror over the blue hutch!

I got the vinyl utensils from the folks at Vinyl Silhouettes; bought art canvases at Hobby Lobby using a coupon, of course; painted the canvases the color of the kitchen walls and then added a brown wash to make them just a shade darker; added the vinyl and TA DA . . . whimsy whammy!

Watch out, Joan Steffend, I have come to play!!!

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3 Responses to Hat Tip to Joan Steffend

  1. ~Mad says:

    Pretty cool, Becky!


  2. My grandma has a fork and spoon hanging on her wall – they are about 2-3 feet tall, made of dark wood, and they are not flat, fuly demensional. I’ll have to blog it so you can see.

    I think it’s totally chick (ya know – “sheek”!!!!!)

  3. Debbie says:

    Fun! I would love to see a picture of them after you hang them. I can’t really tell how big they are. How whimsical 🙂


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