The Mittens were Hung. . .

I got the babysitter to do a craft with my kids since I have been so overwhelmed lately. Yep, Anna colored mittens with the kiddos while I went to McDonalds and tried to think for my family. I must have order. I must have goals. I must have a plan.

I told Anna that we were going to cut out the mittens and hang them up as part of our winter decorations (no, we don’t have other winter decorations but I have big dreams). When Thursday of the next week rolled around and the mittens were still stacked on the blue hutch, I knew something had to be done. As my friend, Amy, says “Accountability is everything.”

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1 Response to The Mittens were Hung. . .

  1. annaj says:

    very cute! are they talking about them constantly?


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