HGTV Look Out!

One of the things that Honey and I LOVE to do together is go to yard sales, find something useless, and create a use for it. Over our years together, He has done some amazing work. I usually have the eye for the goods and he has the skills to repurpose them. For example:

I got this at a yard sale for $10.

Pretty hideous, I know, but I just knew Honey could make my dream for it a reality! TahDah!
Isn’t it wonderful?

Well, there have been times when Honey has the eye and I help in the skills department. He found 2 of these chairs in the back room at an estate sale one day. Talk about hideous:
This picture doesn’t really do it justice because this was taken AFTER a couple coats of black spray paint! There is a date on the bottom: August 1956 – these are two old chairs. We paid $2 for them.

While we were in seminary, they were used for extra seating in our living room and looked like this (we spent $2.50 on the material):
I think they turned out adorably and they served us well.

We haven’t used them for some time, and then last week Honey comes to me and says he has an empty space in his office that would be perfect for a chair and he wants to use one of these. We pile in the car, head to Joanne’s, and come home ready to work. The result:

We found suede material in the red tag clearance bin and the red tag fabric just happened to be an additional 50% off! We had a 50% off coupon for the foam, so we spent $7.50 total. Our two dollar chairs have now cost us $12 and we have used them in multiple areas over seven years. Gives me goose pimples.

I think it turned out wonderfully and KB obviously approves:
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5 Responses to HGTV Look Out!

  1. Debbie says:

    I obviously need to yard sale with you and Jeremy sometime–you are amazing!

  2. amy says:

    i am totally jealous of the cabinet…that’s exactly what i need. oh, if you only lived closer, you could disciple me in garage sales!

  3. Emily says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cabinet! What a great find! And for $10…wow. I also love to yard sale and find other people’s junk and make it into my treasure. It gives you such pride in the things in your home. And did you use chalk board paint on the bottom of the cabinet door?? Very creative.

  4. annaj says:

    You’re an inspiration! Love the cabinet and the chair looks great. Looks even better with KB in it – she’s such a poser!

  5. Cath says:

    That is one of my very favourite things – finding cheap things at a garage sale and making them into something amazing. I love what you guys have done – those finds, and the finished products, are amazing! AND they were so CHEAP! Nothing better than a good bargain like that – so much more satisfying than buying things new!


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