The Twelfth Hour

My twelfth hour on the job and I was thrown to the wolves, so to speak. That’s right, 12 hours from signing on the dotted line – 12 videos in the back room – and I was handed a register. NOT SMART!!!

Granted, I did watch another girl for 30 minutes first. And, yes, I have been shopping at Wal-mart since I could walk (sorta), but still! Watching Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t qualify one to do brain surgery.

The gal I was watching let me do a few “practice rounds” and said, “You are a natural. You’re real good.” My response? “I’ve been practicing on the self check-out lanes for months now.”

Anybody can scan and hit enter. But then some lady decided to pay with a check (do people still use those?). Then someone wanted to pay with a gift card (why do we sell those?). Next a family wanted to buy a basketball. Did you know the UPC code on a Wal-mart basketball is not on the packaging (like most items in the store) but ON THE BALL.

SO, to sum up my night – the UPC code was on the ball but I was not!

In the spirit of Scarlet O’Hara I say, “Satuhdaee is anothuh daya.”

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4 Responses to The Twelfth Hour

  1. Cath says:

    Oh my. My legs turn to jelly just thinking of it. High stress. Go get some cucumbers on your eyes and a stiff drink and think calm blue oceans. And I will pray for your Saturday.

  2. Marcie says:

    So I am behind on your blog by about 20 some posts. I read this one first and think, “Wow! Lots has changed at the Kicklighter’s house. I am sooo behind.” But then I scan back and find that I checked at just the right time and am not so far out of the loop. So, now I just need to read all the other 18 posts. As far as Wal-Mart, good for you. I am proud of you. You might find that getting out of the house and being around adults energizes you for your “real job”. I hope so and will pray to that end.The only problem with your job is that now we will NEVER be able to talk. I still need to hear about your ACC conference. :o) We will keep trying.Finally, I haven’t forgotten about your check. I need to buy some stamps and then you can add yard sale money to your purse. Love you, friend and thankful for you and your family.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just wait until one of those people comes in with all the ads from other stores wanting you to match the prices. That is the WORST! But hey, with every nightmare experience, you are making $$ and helping with your family’s needs. I am excited for all the people who get to see Jesus through you!! Love you Becky!(oh, and happy belated anniversary!)Mindy

  4. Jawan says:

    I bet Becky’s posts will be fewer and make less sense now that she’s got a job that takes her time and brain cells. However, you are an encouragement to me through this decision of working to meet the financial needs of the family.Livin’ on love and Jesus,Jawan


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