New Frugal Glasses

Went to the eye doctor two weeks ago and it turns out my Astigmatism in my right eye has shifted left. No wonder my eyes were bothering me so much by bedtime! Buying new glasses usually gives me an ulcer – it’s easy to pick a frame that looks nice, but hard to find one that looks nice and isn’t $300!!!

Enter Zenni Optical.

I had read about this company before and then Honey found several articles about their quality of product and service. SO, I talked my sister into ordering her new glasses from there first *wink*. She really liked hers and so I sat down to place my order.

It is a bit addictive when you see the selection and the prices. My sight is really bad, but even with the additional $10 fee per pair to send out and have the lenses specially made, I only paid $70 for TWO PAIR AND magnetic sunglasses thingies.

One pair – I like to call them the “Palin Pair” are too big for my face – Honey laughs every time he tries to talk to me and THAT is distracting. The other pair is cute, I think. You can give me your feedback. (I cannot BELIEVE how many freckles I have!)

Oh, I can return the pair I don’t like for a 50% refund which means I only lost $20. Even if I order another pair I will still come out ahead from what ONE pair of glasses usually costs me!

If you wear glasses it is worth investigating Zenni Optical!

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5 Responses to New Frugal Glasses

  1. ~Mad says:

    A wise decision on the Palin Pair – I like them both!~Mad

  2. I love your freckles!!! And I like the smaller pair better on you… but hey – what do you like???? Good on ya with the

  3. Marcie says:

    We love Zinni, too. Ed has bought from them twice. It wasn’t a crisis when he broke his first pair, since they are so affordable. I think the top pair are very cute.

  4. I think to be fair, we need a similar full-face picture of the second pair. Maybe the picture you posted makes them look bigger? I’m thankful for the recommendation. I am trying to get up the nerve to go to the eye doctor, where I am quite sure they will tell me I need glasses for distance. When that happens, I will check out the site! Thanks!

  5. annaj says:

    The serious look becomes you. It’s like a professional headshot. I feel like I should ask for your resume. Cute glasses too!


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