Bringin’ My Yard Sale To You!

Remember when I asked your opinion here?
Well, I’ve gone and done it now!
I have created a new blog JUST for the purpose of an online yard sale!

Our house location is not conducive to everyone coming by on a Saturday morning, so I’m bringing the yard sale to you! We “went live” tonight, so go on over and take a minute to “dig” through the stacks. New content will be added over the next few weeks so check back regularly! This is being done on a first come/ first served basis. I will remove photos as purchases are made.

Email your orders to yardsale2u (at) gmail (dot) com and we’ll make arrangements for you to get your purchase. We accept cash. There is no plan to ship, but I will consider this on a case by case basis and the buyer would be expected to pay shipping plus a $3 handling fee. (The case by case basis would amount to just how much havoc is being wreaked in my life at the time. I reserve this right so that I may preserve my sanity.)

So, tell your friends. Email your enemies. Everyone who’s honest is welcome. *smile*

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3 Responses to Bringin’ My Yard Sale To You!

  1. Tracie says:

    I will be sure to check out the sale. On another note, what did you use to make that cute image (header)?

  2. Gosh, Becky – there’s nothing on there I can us – well, maybe except for the wipe warmer…………KIDDING!!!!Ewwwwwww,Madewyn

  3. Anonymous says:

    USE USE….these arthritic fingers!~Madewyn


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