My Mom Can Die Happy (NOT that I am ready for her too!!!)

I was in a Women’s Council meeting last week and we were discussing an upcoming church event.  At this event we are going to have 9 workshops offered throughout the night that women will register for ahead of time.  These workshops will be things like “How to Make a Homemade Pie” or “How to Make Hairbows” or “What Everyone Should Have in their Car as a Survival Kit” and “Power Tools for Ladies”.  (They will all have much more clever names than this, of course.) 

The point of this is that someone said, “How about a workshop on writing a good thank you note?” and without skipping a beat, our leader Jean said to me, “YOU could teach that one!”

So, there you go, mom.  Your daughter was recognized as one who not only writes thank you notes, but writes them well.  All those years of training were not for naught! Go ahead – beam! You know you want to.

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2 Responses to My Mom Can Die Happy (NOT that I am ready for her too!!!)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m beaming!!! MM

  2. Sarah says:

    Could I do a “Jump on the Green Smoothie Luv Train” workshop?? Lordy knows I could totally do that one! 🙂And I’m serious!


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