Big Boy – Day 3 – a set back

No matter how many times this happens to me I never seem to learn my lesson.  When one is asking their friends and family to pray, or praying themselves, one must be specific in their request and specific in their prayers.  I asked you to pray that Bubba would poop and poop he did.  I did NOT ask you to pray specifically that Bubba would poop on the potty – – and he did not.

During nap time.
In his big boy pants.
I almost got sick.

Anyway, that was our biggest day 3 disaster.  We did go to Kgroup tonight at church and the girls in the nursery misinterpreted his whines and grunts so he had an accident.  The fact that they had to clean him up should help them learn that grunts, whines, and pointing does NOT mean I want water it means I need to eliminate water.  (Yes, I did tell them this when I dropped him off.)

So, tomorrow is school.  I am not sure how to think for this.  Besides my son becoming the “freak” who rides the potty backwards, I am not sure if I should send his “Cushie Tushie” with him? How many changes of clothing should I send? I don’t HAVE to put him in a pull-up do I?

I wonder what time his teacher wakes up.

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5 Responses to Big Boy – Day 3 – a set back

  1. This is so sad and sweet and gross and funny all at once. Three changes of clothes isn’t too excessive, is it? Good luck!

  2. Amanda says:

    I don’t know if this will make you feel better or not, but the Bean still having accidents every other day or so. I’m thinking this is b/c she’s so young, but nobody else I know of continued to have accidents after the first couple of weeks. Bubba will probably do better b/c he’s older. I’ve had to tell myself that it’s all about the expectations. If I expect her to be perfect, I get frustrated when she’s not. And I am putting her in pull-ups for MDO at her teacher’s request. Apparently they don’t have time to ask her often enough, and she had an accident the first day and I was asked to put her in pull-ups. Sigh. And this too shall pass!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well Julie’s daycare doesn’t let her take Carley’s potty seat to school. Some people are just not very smart, when it comes to kids. just have to forgive and move on.

  4. emily says:

    Sorry to hear that he had an accident at the nursery!! Hopefully next time the whines and grunts will be understood correctly!

  5. Kitty says:

    I’m sorry – I laughed so hard at this and John did, too. It’s such a quandary and is so annoying because it’s something we obsess about (well, I did). I’ll pray, very specifically, for Bubba to communicate his needs, for his teachers to understand and react, and for you to be able to laugh about this someday soon.


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