Bubba’s Birthday – School Edition

Bubba’s birthday was on a Saturday and then Labor Day was on Monday and then his 3 year old well visit was Tuesday, SOOOO he took brownie bites to school to celebrate on Wednesday! Shoo! There are five little boys in the class so we provided enough for everyone to have two. From the number that came home with Bubba, it looked like everyone ate one – including teachers and therapists!

Bubs came home with a birthday crown bearing his name (removed for blogging purposes) and a note from his teacher saying they put a candle in his brownie, sang to him, and took pictures for me. She said he had a great time. Doesn’t he look like he had a great time?

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1 Response to Bubba’s Birthday – School Edition

  1. Amanda says:

    Those brownie bites look delicious!


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