It has been awhile since I have just inundated you with photos of my offspring. I am sure you have been crying out “Woe is me!” as you long for one more glimpse of what just might be three of earth’s cutest resident children. In answer to your pleas, here they are:

Little is a VERY good big sister – I think that’s what she is saying as I took this photo, “I am a good big sister. I am helping her. I am helping KB to walk.” I, the mother, LOVE this photo.
It got quiet the other day and so I went looking to see what trouble the younger two were in. I found Bubba playing with his leap pad in his new favorite place: at the end of the bed, on the stool, rocking back and forth. KB was in the corner playing with the sound machine cord/plug of the sound machine. As you can see, she didn’t like it when I took it away from her.
KB has been venturing into the world of finger foods. I am learning that my little one might just be an all or nothing kind of girl. One day she wanted nothing to do with finger foods, yesterday she decided they were worthwhile. Here she is in all her garb and crumb glory. The “sleeves” on her arms are gifts from our Asian family and keep long sleeves from getting dirty; a BRILLIANT invention and wonderful gift I must say.

Little saw that photos were being taken and announced that SHE wanted her picture taken too. I told her to hold out her sleeves and say, “WooHoo Sleeves.” She did:

On a side note, I would like to say that KB had Gerber diced carrots at lunch today. Little saw them and said, “I would like a carrot.” I put one on her plate and she said, “I don’t want it.” I replied that she needed to taste it and she popped it into her mouth. Next comment? “I want more carrots, please.” She ate half the jar. I exclaimed, “You really like KB’s carrots!” and Little said, “Hopefully, I am a baby too.”

You’re my baby, Baby!

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2 Responses to Inundated

  1. annaj says:

    i think the walking picture is my favorite KB/Little picture ever!

  2. Kitty says:

    I’m so impressed w/Little walking her sister; Ainsley would have intentionally dropped someone. Sigh…


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