Yesterday was progressing just like any other day: KB was sick, Little was talking loudly, Bubba was running from room to room and bumping into things, I was emptying the dishwasher. (Honey had to be at orientation at 7:30AM on a Saturday, so he wasn’t at home.) The phone rang and it was our dear friends, David and Julia, wanting to know how I felt about them inviting Honey to the Cardinals/Braves game that afternoon. It was sweet of them to check with me first but there was NO WAY I would have said no to that.

Dave dropped off Julia to hang out with me and picked up Jeremy for the 3:00PM game. I got to spend 7+ hours with my friend and had such a good time. The guys got back around 8:00PM and we ate ice cream and laughed. It was just plain nice.

They left a little past 9:00PM and I tell you what – the last thing I remember is my clock reading 9:18PM as I laid my head on the pillow. What a day.

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1 Response to Sirprize

  1. What a sweet blessing for Jeremy to enjoy a baseball game and you to have the company of a good friend. Ain’t God so good!


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