Sitter Rates

Someone on my Google Reader linked to someone who linked to this babysitter rate calculator at sittercity.  You type in your zip code and other details and it tells you how much you should be paying your sitter.  I should be paying $12.00/hr . . . except I have special needs children so I am supposed to add $1/hr per special kid. . . we are never leaving the house again!!!

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3 Responses to Sitter Rates

  1. Or you can just call me…. and I’m Free (granted I am not crazy busy with school)…

  2. Debbie says:

    We’re supposed to be paying $13 an hour! I hope our sitters don’t look at this website because we think the $8 an hour we pay is pretty good (especially since our children are so easy–ha, ha!).

  3. lvargo says:

    Yieks! We’ve only been paying $5.00 per hour and should be paying $9.00 per hour. This is a website that needs to be kept under raps from all those sitters out there! 🙂


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