My Kind of Fun

I ran across this kindred spirit who loves lists, photos, and cooking! She has this neat post where you answer questions about yourself using pictures! What fun! I thought I would try it – here goes. . .

1.  Your age on your next birthday.

2.  A place you would like to travel.
3.  Your favorite place.
4.  Your favorite object
5.  Your favorite food.
6.  Your favorite animal.
7.  Your favorite color.
8.  The town where you were born.
9.  The town where you live now.
10.  The name of a past pet.
11.  Name of a past love.
12.  Best Friend’s Nickname
13.  Your screen name.
14.  Your first name.
15.  Your middle name.
16.  Your last name.
17.  Bad Habit
18.  Your First Job
19.  Name of your grandmother.
20.  College Major
And there you go.  Was it obvious that Honey was working late when I did this?
It was fun, for sure.  Have you got the stamina to do it to???
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