Last Week – Visitors

Warning: This entry could be something like a slideshow after a holiday. You could be entertained. . . you could want to curl up and cry. Consider yourself warned.

We had so many people in and out of this house over the past two weeks – it is mind boggling. Don’t get me wrong, I am so glad and we had a great time. Still, it seems that it is either feast or famine ’round these parts! You’ve heard of a tour of homes? Well, here’s a Tour of Folks (and what we done):This is David – he doesn’t hold children. At least that is what he has told us for the past four plus years. He and Julia are dear friends who we try to hang out with once a month at least. They just got back from a 5400 mile road trip to see a gazillion ballgames and so they came for dinner to discuss what we had already read on the blog (the blog was funny – talking about it face to face. . . priceless). They had barely been in our home a moment when I looked up and saw him HOLDING A BABY!!! We love Dave.

This is Bridget. Bridget came over just long enough to take my two older children, pack them into my van, drive them to her house, and keep them there (happy and well fed) until nap time. She then delivered them straight to their beds and said, “Farewell.” Why did she do this?? So I could clean my house and pack for my trip to New Jersey! She had planned to take KB too, but a 103.5 temperature (later known as “bladder infection) kept her home with me.

This is Memom. Memom flew in for a long weekend so I could fly out. She gave four days (and shortened her life by four years) to come help Honey with the kids. She will be granted sainthood any day, but until that happens, consider this the gates and I am standing here just a yellin’ “Blessed!!!”

This is the brother-in-law and sister-in-law and our niece. You can’t see our niece because we JUST found out we’re going to have a niece (or nephew . . . I know, I know.) These guys live in Texas where bro-in-law works for the border patrol.

This is Grandpa and Grandma – and this is our zoo. This was Grandpa’s first visit to A zoo – not our zoo, but A zoo!!! What fun to share that with him. (Funny, it was KB’s first visit to a zoo too)

They rolled out the banners for Grandpa – it’s like they knew he was coming!

Besides the zoo, there was a lot of reading . . .

a ride on the carousel. . .and a family portrait, good eatin’ and The Dark Knight! A FULL WEEK!

This is Anna. No sooner had our family left – – the Summeralls came into town and we had the joy of spending five hours with them. Anna was born just 6 months before Little, Huddie was born 4 months before Bubba, and Baby Will was born 2 months after KB. We were all in school together and we HATE that they now live 2 hours away. It’s only two hours but it used to be across the parking lot.
It was a full 10 days. I am exhausted. The kids are getting back on their schedule and learning to entertain themselves again. Honey has gone back to work and had a great day. I wouldn’t have traded a busy minute. What a gift to have that many days packed FULL of love and care! Such a taste of our Lord’s care for us. I am so thankful for the family and friends who wanted to spend time with us and made it happen. Thank you, Jesus, for relationships!
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3 Responses to Last Week – Visitors

  1. Allison says:

    I love your “yellin blessed” at the gates for your mother! it feels like we’re sitting around the table playing rich man poor man and you’re telling a story! i miss you!!

  2. Nolda says:

    Not only did I get an honorable mention in an earlier post, I am now forever enshrined with a photo. How much did I owe you for that again?

  3. annaj says:

    i’ve been waiting for this post! such fun. lily is even more beautiful!


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