Diaper Diva

I know I haven’t posted in ages and I am sure you weren’t thinking my next post would be about shopping. BUT I have to tell you about my diaper coup.

This month I bought 24 jumbo packs of diapers/training pants from Walgreens. That’s approximately 606 diapers/training pants. Total cash out of my pocket?????

Wait for it. . . .


That’s $1.12 per jumbo pack!!
That’s approximately $.04 per diaper/training pant.
That’s 3 months of diapers/training pants (at least) for 1/2 of one month’s budget for diapers!

Give me an “A”
Give me a “W”
Give me an “E”
Give me a “S”
Give me an “O”
Give me a “M”
Give me an “E”

Okay, enough – I hope to have moments in the next 24 hours to tell you something deep and meaningful about our lives. Stay Tuned!!
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2 Responses to Diaper Diva

  1. Sarah says:

    You are too funny, B! Funny, too, b/c our definitions of “not posting in ages” have two different meanings. You only went barely 2 weeks without a post–I once went well over a month without a post! (And I might quite possibly go that long again, as my crappy computer needs a new battery.)Go on and git down witcha bad self!

  2. Amanda says:

    Incredible. I cannot believe it. That is the deal of the century for sure!


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