I-Like-Brad Paisley and I cannot lie. . .

I like country music. Sue me.

I blame it on my roommate my freshman year of college. I grew up in Alabama but it was Angel who introduced me to country music.

Kentucky Head Hunters, to be precise. “Let’s all gooooooo. Down to Dumas Walker.”

The literary part of me loves the way country music writers fashion words into clever stories and even RHYME! Brad Paisley’s songs are masterful in this arena. He usually has one line that would make one’s mother gasp (so, sorry) but for the most part the lyrics just leave a smile on one’s face.

Here’s the latest:

I’m Still a Guy

When you see a deer
You see Bambi
And I see antlers up on the wall
When you see a lake
You think picnics
And I see a large mouth up under that log
You’re probably thinkin‘ that you’re gonna change me
In some ways well, maybe you might
Scrub me down, dress me up
Oh, but no matter what
Remember, I’m still a guy

When you see a priceless French painting
I see a drunk naked girl
You think that ridin‘ a wild bull sounds crazy
And I’d like to give it a whirl
Well, love makes a man do some things he ain’t proud of
And in a weak moment I might
Walk your sissy dog
Hold your purse at the mall
But remember, I’m still a guy

And I’ll pour out my heart
Hold your hand in the car
Write a love song that makes you cry
Then turn right around
Knock some jerk to the ground‘
Cause he copped a feel as you walked by

I can hear you now talkin‘ to your friends
Sayin‘ yeah girls he’s come a long way
From draggin‘ his knuckles and carryin‘ a club
And buildin‘ a fire in a cave
But when you say a backrub means only a backrub
Then you swat my hand when I try
Well now what can I say at the end of the day
Honey, I’m still a guy

And I’ll pour out my heart
Hold your hand in the car
Write a love song that makes you cry
Then turn right around
Knock some jerk to the ground‘
Cause he copped a feel as you walked by

These days there’s dudes gettin‘ facials
Manicured, waxed, and botoxed
But with deep spray on tans and creamy lotioney hands
You cain’t grip a tackle box
Yeah, with all of these men linin‘ up to get neutered
It’s hip now to be feminized
But, I don’t highlight my hair
I’ve still got a pair
Yeah, honey I’m still a guy

Oh, my eyebrows ain’t plucked
There’s a gun in my truck
Oh Thank God, I’m still a guy
Yeah boy

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4 Responses to I-Like-Brad Paisley and I cannot lie. . .

  1. Bobby's blog says:

    He also puts on a great concert.

  2. april b says:

    Dan and I had a conversation last night about the reasons he doesn’t like country music….maybe this song would change his mind? Let’s see!

  3. Jawan says:

    My personal favorite Brad P. song is “I’d Like to Check You For Ticks”. Here’s a sample: Everytime you take a sip in this smoky atmosphere you press that bottle to your lips and I wish I was your beer and in the small there of your back your jeans are playing peek a boo I’d like to see the other half of your butterfly tattoo (*GASP!*)Hey, that gives me an idea let’s get out of this bar and drive out into the country and find a place to park cause id like to see you out in the moonlight I’d like to kiss you way back in the sticks I’d like to walk you through a field of wildflowers and I’d like to check you for ticks

  4. Meagan Price says:

    I’m gonna let you in on a little-known fact about my husband. He hates country music, but he has a total man-crush on Brad Paisley. He loves his lyrics! I totally got him hooked… first Brad Paisley, next up: Taylor Swift! 🙂Another funny country song that has great lyrics is “Cleaning My Gun” by Rodney Atkins. Jer Bear will love it. It’ll get him ready for Little and KB’s teenage years.


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