GNO – Movie Night at Church

We had a Girls’ Night Out tonight and showed the movie Tammy and the Bachelor. I have been so excited about this event, the first in a three part “series” we are calling “A Triple Dip of Delight”. I really believe relationships are built with shared experiences, and not just studying the Word together or hearing it preached. There has to be interaction. And FUN helps. So, tonight we strove to provide an opportunity for FUN for the women in our church.

I wasn’t in charge of the event but was involved and had a few personal goals. They were (1) women of every age would feel comfortable (2) the women who attended would feel that special attention was given to making the night “special” (3) everyone would enjoy each other so much and the evening that they would want to recruit to our second scoop in July.

We had a HUGE screen with a projector for the DVD. (A story in itself. The movie arrived in my mailbox TODAY at 2:00PM!) Movie Popcorn and a chocolate buffet.
(1) There were only 10 people there but they ranged in age from mid 30s to mid 70s. check
(2) Everyone oohed and aahed over the attention to detail in the “snack bar” – flattering but also things were said that let me know it made them feel special. This wasn’t just thrown together haphazardly. check
(3) Everyone laughed and giggled together, sang “Tammy’s in Love” out loud (those who knew it) and while getting food I heard everyone introducing themselves. At the end, one of the women said, “We’ll have to tell everyone how much fun this was so they’ll come next time.” Another said, “We could do this every week!!” check.
Overall, I would say the turn out was disappointing but I was not disappointed with the evening at all. It was so fun and a success, I think. A definite case of man planning his ways and the Lord directing the steps! He is good.

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1 Response to GNO – Movie Night at Church

  1. amy says:

    i want to come!


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