Ear Infections be Gone!!!

Our KB has had 5 ear infections in her short 7 month life. SOOO, we had tubes put in this morning. We had to be at the surgery center at 6:15AM for 7:15AM surgery. It’s hard to call it that – it lasted the length of my phone call home to tell honey they had taken her back to start. I hung up the phone and the doctor came out to tell me how well she did and how good her ears look. I picked the phone up and called honey to say, “It’s done.” Crazy stuff.

The hardest part of the morning was that we were called back 1/2 hour later than appointed and so KB was getting HUNGRY! The anesthesiologist came in the nick of time and I went to the waiting room. They came to get me and KB was still sleeping. They prepared me for the worst – she will wake up crying, she will be groggy and fussy, it will be awful for 15 minutes or so and then she will be fine. KB woke right up, drank a full bottle, and then smiled at the nurse until she said we could go home. Charmer.

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2 Responses to Ear Infections be Gone!!!

  1. We are very familiar with ear infections. Ruthanne had a slew of them – the first one at 2 weeks. She had two sets of tubes, two ear drum reconstructions and on and on. The good news is that these tubes are really helpful… you will notice a difference! Ruthanne got her first set at 15 months after months and months of problems, so be thankful for them so soon… we noticed that she started babbling and trying to talk much more after they went in too. We love you guys!

  2. amy says:

    sounds just like our experience with julia! glad it went so well. got to love it when you are prepared for screaming and get a happy baby instead!


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