The Nanny

There is an organization in our county that provides respite hours for parents with disabled children. Since our Little has a disability that will affect her whole life we qualify for these respite hours. God, in His goodness, provided us with Libby.

Libby is home for the summer and needed some extra money for college in the fall. She is a DOLL and we couldn’t ask for more. The kids LOVE her. When she arrived today Little said, “Miss Libby is getting out of her car and she will come play with me.” There you go – all it takes to win my kids’ hearts.

She’s won my heart too: I went shopping for VBS supplies BY MYSELF this past Wednesday!!! And Friday I stayed upstairs and cleaned and organized for a couple hours while she played with Little and Bubba outside!

We are so grateful; Honey is because I might regain some sanity and me. . . because I might regain some sanity.

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1 Response to The Nanny

  1. Jawan says:

    I am so glad you had some time to yourself as well as some shopping time!


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