Dear Mr. Upton:

Ever since the package arrived two weeks ago we have heard about “my new bike” constantly from Little. It took a couple days for my husband to have the time needed to put it all together, but then we headed straight to the park for a test drive. It seems Little has practiced on a bike like this at school and she was ready to show us what she can do. She still has a way to go, but we were happy with her first attempts.

Thank you so very much for blessing our family in this way. We long for Little to be all that she can for the Lord’s glory and this tool will help her build strength, develop motor planning skills, and provide opportunities for joy and a thankful heart. Our hearts overflow with thankfulness.

the Blue Hutch

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1 Response to Bikin

  1. We know that all Little does is not by herself, but by the Lord!!! I love the all by myself though – what progress!!! Pedal, pedal, pedal!!!


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