Post #200

Hear the trumpets and fanfare? Yes, I started blogging June 20, 2007 and have hit my 200th post just now. There are many things one could do to commemorate such a milestone: (1)question one’s time management, (2) make a list of 200 interesting things I have yet to blog about (3) give away $200 – not happening

I think that I will give you a couple lists of eight. Why eight? Well, I am writing my 200th post on April 13, 2008 – – that’s 04-13-08. If you add these numbers together you get 25. IF you divide 200 by 25, you get eight. Eight is very manageable. Eight is enough!! So, here we go:
Eight favorite people:

Eight favorite posts:

Long Overdue

Eight favorite blogs to read (that don’t belong to old friends):

Eight favorite quotes from this past week”
1. “Tickle my nakey tummy, mom.” Little
2. “Something else, plllleeease.” Bubba (at the dinner table)
3. “It’s my hospital. I can walk across the parking lot and they’ll put stickers on my head.” Little(Made me smile and be sad all at the same time. )
4. “Chocolate, Plllleeeease.” Bubba (after I said “no” to something else)
5. “That’s not for you, KB” Little (When KB grabbed Little’s book off the floor.
6. “I like her so much.” Little (referring to KB who she had just previously been smothering, I mean hugging)
7. “I’m a funny girl, dad. I know I am.” Little
8. “Mommy. Get in Car. Go to Hobby Lobby.” Bubba

Number of my posts to receive eight comments: Six.

Eight photos from this week – – just because:
Just trying to get a photo for my mom!!
KB and Isabelle
Little and Dr. Otis (orthopedic surgeon)
Bubba at vehicle fair on Saturday – it was 40 degrees!!
Little at vehicle fair.
I am such a nerd. I went to Kinkos tonight and LAMINATED the games that came with my Bright Learning pack! SO FUN!
Can you see the bottle tree? This is not a prank . . . this is art.

KB does NOT like pears!

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2 Responses to Post #200

  1. Megan says:

    Here!I heard you kept a blog from Marcie and then went hunting for it. 🙂

  2. annaj says:

    best blog ever!!


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