200th Post Celebrated by 201st!

Now it is YOUR turn to help celebrate this great (?) feat! I want to know who it is out there reading this blog. Please leave a comment telling me who you are and how you found your way here. (If you don’t have a Google account, etc. just hit Anonymous and be sure to include your name in your comments!!)

Seems like giveaways are a big deal in the blog world, and what better way to “convince” you to sign in. So, in honor of 200 posts I am going to give away a pack of handmade, monogrammed stationary. I have no picture because it hasn’t been made yet and I have no winner’s monogram yet! Just trust me, it will be adorable.

So, leave a comment April 14 – April 20 (noon) and I will pick randomly from the list for a winner.

So, as they say in JV Cheerleading, “Roll Call! Sha-boom! Check, Check, Sha -boom!”

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36 Responses to 200th Post Celebrated by 201st!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Becky,I love reading your blog and keeping up with what is happening in your family!Brooke MullerP.S. I’m about 3 months away from becoming a Registered Nurse!!! Wow does time fly 🙂

  2. Bethany says:

    You know I read and love it!!!

  3. Shea says:

    Becky,I found your blog through Julie’s. I love reading about the kiddos!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey Becky,I found your blog through Aspa. I love to hear what Little says. It makes me smile and tear up.Keep blogging!Elizabeth from the Kirk

  5. zellner says:

    hey friend! Love to see how you are and all your good ideas- miss yall!

  6. Shelley says:

    You know I read, friend! Missing you….heading out of town Thurs. a.m. for a long weekend but will call when back to catch up. Shelley

  7. ~Mad says:

    Remember when you didn’t want to have a blog? I worked with you in Alabama….and I love your family. You inspire me, Beck!~Mad

  8. Becky, I check in every day to brighten my day. I love all of the links you include and the pics and the quotes! Wish we were closer to spend time with you and your precious kiddos! Miss you!

  9. I just started reading your blog a few weeks ago.

  10. Marcie says:

    Could you randomly pick me? :o)

  11. Dave says:

    I read your blog because you told me I had to.

  12. Amy Mac says:

    Oh…and I found it through you leaving a comment about my blog…

  13. Amy Mac says:

    I read your bog! It makes me smile!!

  14. annaj says:

    i read your blog because i’m your sister and i love your kids, i mean you! 😉 if i win the stationery, you’re allowed to redraw. mwah!

  15. amy says:

    I found your blog through Jawan…and my husband and I were in Thailand the summer of 1997 with your hubby. Keep blogging, I enjoy reading!Amy Vining Huff

  16. Anonymous says:

    I am Monica. I am your friend, bud, confidant, amiga, and on and on….. I found this blog when you emailed and said, “Read my blog!” My comment is “weather is here, wish you were beautiful!”. HeeHee! :0

  17. Anonymous says:

    Becky- I love keeping up with you and your family through your blog. I started reading when you sent me the link. Jay & I were talking about you and rich man, poor man last night- it made us smile!Allison Byrd

  18. Anonymous says:

    Becky,Chris mom (your Aunt Carolyn) gave me your Blog a few months ago and our children have especially enjoyed getting to see Little, Bubba and KB. I have thought about starting a Blog but so far haven’t had the time.Jo Ann

  19. Debbie says:

    Your blog has obviously been a bit hit to many, including ME :). I, too, love to hear about your life and see the sweet pictures of you family. Pick me! Pick me!

  20. The Lovealls says:

    Love your Blog, Becky! You are SO creative and so cost-efficient! I look forward to the next 200 posts! ~Emily

  21. Melinda says:

    Hello Becky,I read your blog all the time (even though I said I probably wouldn’t when you were thinking of starting one)! Just like everybody else who reads it, I love to feel connected to you and your precious children. I appreciate the way you so faithfully continue to share your life. I love you and will always cherish the time when we were face-to-face friends.Love,Mindy Smith from Australia

  22. amywood_stl says:

    Becky – I love reading your blog and catching up you, the kiddos, and life in our last city. I’ve really been missing it lately! I especially love hearing about your bargain-hunting…you inspire me 🙂 Yes, those dvd’s were the new creative memories software. I’ve never really gotten into old-school scrapbooking, but thought I could handle the online version…I’ll let you know how it goes! By the way – were you a jv cheerleader?-Amy Wood

  23. lvargo says:

    B-Congrats! I’ve got a LOT of catching up to do! 🙂 Love the blog! You’ve inspired me to keep mine more up to date! LOVE to hear about the kiddies. GA LOVES to see all the pictures! While visiting, my mom said, “If that’s not KC!” There’s no longer denying it! Oh! Oh! MEEEEEE! MEEEE! As my students often say!Love ya, Lynette

  24. erika says:

    I’m totally addicted. You are way better at this than me. 🙂 he, he, he…

  25. I must have found your blog through Aspa?!? I can’t remember! Congrats on 200 wonderful posts and I look forward to many more! I can always count on your blog for a recent update and a good laugh! ~annie

  26. Sarah says:

    It’s me, kooky Sarah Baker!! But you already know i read your blog, b/c I comment like every 5th post…

  27. Megan says:

    Dadgum. I was like the first one to sign in, but my comment disappeared! Wonder how that happened…Anyway, I read. I found you through Marcie. 🙂

  28. Anonymous says:

    Becky,I love reading your blog even though I it’s blocked in the country where I live! : ) And I’m not as gracious as Anna~ If you draw my name, I want that darling stationary!!Love you!Brooke C.

  29. mama says:

    I read your blog because I’m a friend of your sister’s (you probably had my mom in high school at some point). It’s fun to see your babies grow up!

  30. Amanda says:

    More than 8 comments on this one!! I found your blog through Allison Stephen’s, and I like all your posts on thriftiness!

  31. Allison says:

    Becky you are my hero. I am comment #32! I think I got 7 once…I found your blog through you who finally ditched the “if I had a blog” e-mails and went to the real thing. I saw where Allison B. mentioned rich man poor man. All I have to say to that is bite me! (giggle).

  32. Amanda says:

    I read it and I love it! Thanks to your Mom:)

  33. Julie A. says:

    I think I found your blog from Amy Mc’s or maybe your commented on mine…I’m not sure. Anyway, I love keeping up with you and like always, you are good for a laugh or two ;-). By the way, I just got Felicity: The Senior Year and can’t wait to watch. How old am I? Don’t answer that, you’ll answer incorrectly.

  34. Jessie says:

    I leave comments, so I am not a lurker!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Hi Becky, I found your blog through Susan’s. It’s been fun to keep up on your kids and your great money savers. Blessings!Julie Kennedy


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