Walgreens, you’ll do!

This week’s Walgreens trip: great success. You see before you a $95 value and I paid $20! The gum and the shower cleaner weren’t necessary but the gum was $.50 instead of $5 and the shower cleaner was $5 instead of $25, so I went for it. The two spray bottles in the back are Oxy Clean carpet cleaner (a $11 value for $3.50) and between KB spitting up CONSTANTLY and Bubba failing miserably at potty training – – – the carpet is in desperate need of cleaning and looks like that need will continue for some time to come!

What else: 1600 sheets of computer paper for $5.
Baby wipes: $5 (not on sale and no coupon)
Clorox: $1
Soft Soap: $.60
Makeup brush: free
Coffee Mate: 2/$1
WalZyr: Free
Degree: $1
Speed Stick: $1.25
Soy Joy bars: 3/1.39

On another note – the toothbrush is free after rebate this month and I just used it mere moments ago. I have to say this is my FAVORITE toothbrush EVER – that’s right 36 years+ of tooth brushing and I am saying that this toothbrush joins Twizzlers in making mouths happy!! The Colgate 360 something. Run right out and get yours free!

I am giddy – what a high! Oh, and this week I am transferring a prescription from Walmart to Walgreens and will be getting a $25 gift card for free!!! Kinda makes this whole shopping trip. . . FREE!!! What fun!

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2 Responses to Walgreens, you’ll do!

  1. Jessie says:

    Becky – I am truly impressed. And let me know if you come up with any potty training secrets for #2. We aren’t having any success our way either!

  2. Debbie says:

    You are a star!


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