Bunko is a weird game. You roll dice. You get “points”. No one really wins. For someone as competitive as I am – no winner stinks! I’ve decided it is very “Barney” – everyone always wins on Barney.
So, why do I head over to campus housing once a month to play a game I can’t win? Several reasons:
1. My dear friend Jen organizes it and I would take any opportunity to be with Jen.
2. Everyone wins so everyone goes home with a $5 prize – that’s fun.
3. I get to be creative and come up with a $5 prize.
4. Everyone brings snacks and so there is alot of yummies for the pickin’.
5. I am a SAHM with sporadic adult interaction and there are 12-15 other women to chat and laugh with at Bunko.
To sum up: We have a great time!!
These are some pictures from tonight. The theme was “Pamper Yourself” so folks came in their pajamas and the prizes centered around the theme.
We had a smaller group tonight – we talked alot more than we rolled dice!

When you roll a Bunko, you “get” to wear the funny hat.

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1 Response to Bunko

  1. Megan says:

    Hey! How can I get in on some of that action??? 🙂


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