Happy Easter – the food

Well the White Chocolate Raspberry won out by a landslide and WOW, it was GOOD!! It isn’t as pretty as the online photo but it was so easy and yummy. A nice spring treat. If you have something special coming up, it is well worth your time!

And I made hot cross buns. What a trip. From SCRATCH – used “dry active yeast” and everything. My first time. I mean there was kneading and everything. They were yummy too – I think Little would have eaten nothing else today, if I would have let her. These might become a family tradition! My research (though limited) doesn’t show any deep spiritual significance connecting this bread to Easter, but I don’t think I would have to search too hard to draw significance from the cross covering we who are full of sin, honey is sooo good at that, I’ll ask him.
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1 Response to Happy Easter – the food

  1. Debbie says:

    Yum! I bet that was delicious. You are becoming quite the chef–active yeast and everything!


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