One Down – too many to go!

The world of blogging is addictive. It seems a way to meet a ton of people and me, being a people person, loves the thought of that. Anyway, there is a lady whose name I don’t know, but she has this blog called Biblical Womanhood and every Monday she emphasizes making your house a haven. Well, today she challenged everyone to organize a drawer or dresser – I adapted and did under our bathroom sink. It took less than 15 min. and I have been putting it off for 8 months. For Pete’s Sake!


After:Now let’s see how long it stays this way.

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3 Responses to One Down – too many to go!

  1. Becky, I just read this book review this afternoon and then checked your blog. I think you might enjoy the reviewer’s comments, and then maybe the book (which I haven’t read).

  2. OK, I don’t think the address went through- so the article was from Books and Culture. It’s called “An Outpost of God’s Kingdom: Making A Christian Home” and its written by Lauren F. Winner. The book she’s reviewing is “Keeping House: The Litany of Everyday Life” by Margaret Kim Peterson. Check it out if you’d like.

  3. Jessie says:

    Hey – just curious, why do you have so many tubes of toothpaste? 🙂


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