Christmas Card

7 inches of snow sure makes it FEEL like Christmas around here! And that means it is time to fill you in on another year with the Kicks. Certain commitments have required that we don’t mail a card this year but don’t want you staying up nights concerned! Even though we are using email, I am trying to limit the text to approximately the same length that fits a 4×6 photo – just a bigger font! Here goes:

I have put off writing this year’s card because it seems a daunting task; it was a slow year. Everyone did have at least one BIG thing happen along the way. The Lord blessed and Honey saw a great response to his first year as Director of Admissions – a BIG class! He also led a home group at church, co-led a small group on campus, and tickled his children for innumerable hours. B spent the year pregnant – this time it was a miserable “big thing”. Gestational diabetes made the months a bit tougher, not to mention the two additional years of age she had acquired. Little started preschool – a blessed “big thing”. She loves riding the bus each day and “playing with friends” (the only report I get over lunch). Bubba turned two and discovered the ability to exert his will – an unpleasant “big thing” for everyone. As they say, “when he is good he is very good and when he is bad he is horrid.” KB made her debut in October – a pretty “big thing” for sure. She is adapting to a routine of eating, sleeping, and dodging the life-threatening hugs and kisses of her siblings.

Of course there has been more – business trips, scrapbook pages, learning letters and numbers, watching God mold us, often despite ourselves. We pray the world would look at our lives and see the reason for this season – that would be a BIG THING.

Merry Christmas!

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