Christmastime is coming. . .

Mr. Council was our high school choir director. He had us sing this Christmas song once and I still remember the alto part – crazy what the mind holds onto. Anyway, the words go, “Christmas. Christmas time is coming. (sing with me if you know it) Drummers will be drumming. Pipers will play. Christmas. Happy Happy holiday! You know that Christmas is the season for love. Christmas is the season for happy people. Christmas is a time of good cheer. And soon we’ll all be singing happy – happy new year oooooooh.”

Here are some photos of the happy people around our house this week. Can’t you just hear the drummers drumming?

We ended up with 7 inches of snow but because of the layout of our yard there were 10-15 inch pockets. Little loved it and walked around throwing it into the air “singing” Jingle Bells. Well worth going out in freezing temps.

What’s better than matching Christmas jammies?? KB was unavailable for jammie photo op but did grant us half a smile in this next happy happy holiday moment.

And proving that Christmas is the season for happy people, here is a photo from our Christmas party last night. We invited everyone from the Admissions Office over for the evening. Of course there was food, cocoa, games, and Dirty Santa (where you steal gifts). We ended up with a tv in our bathtub and several other gifts left throughout the house. Can you sing with me, “Christmas is the season for looooooove.”

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6 Responses to Christmastime is coming. . .

  1. Anonymous says:

    uhmmmm…..a tv in your bathtub????~MeMad

  2. Jawan says:

    Wow, who babysat all the kids long enough for you all to get a picture without a small toddler? Where’s Elizabeth and John?

  3. Jason says:

    We just dropped the kids off at the mall and let them wander around the food court for a couple of hours.

  4. Meagan P says:

    At least your high school choir had an appropriate christmas song to sing… somewhere in my school chorus history we sang “Christmas is coming the geese are getting fat” … that’s the only freaking song that sticks in my head around Christmas time. I would have loved to have yours … it sounds sorta romantic compared to mine. Mine just reminds me of myself… “Christmas is coming, Meagan’s getting fat.”

  5. Allison says:

    Merry Christmas to the Kick’s from the Stephens!

  6. Debbie says:

    I love that you have snow!! Cute PJ’s, too. Merry Christmas from the non-snowy South!


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