Memom, Thanks for the Lipstick

Memom and Pop came to visit this summer and Memom brought Little some makeup. In her grandmother naivety, Memom really believed all the makeup was plastic. NOPE. So, over the past couple months we have pretended to put on makeup and Little is becoming a pro.

Each day after her nap, Little has “room time” and she listens to her cds, reads her library books, and plays with whatever toys she decideds. This week has been a bit more creative – one day she spread out her diapers all over her room. One day she emptied her wipes out one by one. Friday she drew all over herself and the wall with Memom’s not-so-plastic lipstick! She was devastated that it was a no-no. After correcting her I, of course, took photos for the baby book. Somehow, the pictures don’t really do it justice.
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1 Response to Memom, Thanks for the Lipstick

  1. lauren says:

    that is too funny becky! i think it’s a right of passage for little girls…ellie did it at about that age!


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