Up and Running

So, God has provided for the Kicks once again. Why do we ever doubt Him? A computer that had been replaced by a newer model was on it’s way out and people who love us sent it our way. Turns out it is in super condition and Honey is just thrilled with it. So, I have access to the outside world again and he has his laptop back as his own. Thank you Thank you to those who made this possible.

I go for my second non stress test today and am hoping for no stress. I am drinking coffee today to get her going – no sleep until after 10:00AM!!!

Now a Little story – for most parents, hearing complete sentences from their 3.5 year old is something they would like to STOP. With Little it is something we pray about together each night – that she would be able to communicate her thoughts with us and we would be able to know her and what is going on in her head. Well, yesterday I was in the kitchen fixing dinner – her new “thing” is to watch, reach for every ingredient, and say, “I’ll eat it.” Sounds cute? It is not. So, last night I thought I would send her on an errand.

“Little? Could you go in the den and get mommy’s phone?”
Little takes off to the den and returns empty handed. Many times she gets distracted so I repeated, “Little? Did you forget to get mommy’s phone?”
She takes off again to the den and returns empty handed.
Again I say, “Little – could you go to the den and get mommy’s phone?”
She stops, looks at me, and says, “I don’t know where it is!”
I started laughing, gave her a hug, and went to show her my phone. She was tickled pink that we had shared that moment – – as was I.

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4 Responses to Up and Running

  1. Jawan says:

    Funny how such a sweet simple story like that brings tears to my eyes. I know you enjoyed your hug.

  2. Allison says:

    Glad you are back. Thanks for sharing the story about little.

  3. april b says:

    I love that little girl…so sweet. Thanks again for loving me through all this….glad i got to see you today. So thrilled at the Lord’s provision for you and your family!

  4. Debbie says:

    Yea–I know you love being back on your own computer. How wonderful the way God provided for you–both with the computer and with Lily’s complete sentence!


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