Glasses and Hats

We were without power tonight for, thankfully, only 2 1/2 hours. It wasn’t raining or anything – it just went out. I had this great plan to update the blog and turn in early – Hubby works late on Thursdays – but that went out the window. Instead I did 3 crossword puzzles by the light of the setting sun and then curled up with a pillow just as Hubby came home.

So now, I am not going to write too much but I will post pictures – I understand that this is what most of you are looking for 🙂

Little got new glasses. She needed a new perscription anyway and it has always been thought that her others were too big for her face – they sat up too high too. So, we got new frames. They aren’t the perfect fix but to get something small enough for her petite face would mean another new pair in six months. So, we compromised. She is still beautiful, of course!

This grump was most upset that I interrupted him reading. He said, “Reading ’bout Jesus!” That is cute enough in itself, but the hat just kills me. Little put it on Bubba’s head and he left it on most of the day – he loved it. Between the ball cap on his head and the monster truck on his shirt, I think we have a country boy in the making! Missouri can’t hold it back 🙂

Upcoming events: Little’s teacher called today and asked if she could come by next week to meet her. Wow. Students arrive at the seminary in another week or so and life will kick up a notch for a few days. Doctor’s appointment tomorrow and take a glucose test and hear baby’s heartbeat. I ate red velvet cake today which should ensure that I get called back for that NASTY three hour test – good grief.

Oh, the reason I didn’t want to do the blog is that I knew you would know what is happening with me and would cease to tell me what is up with you – you know who you are. So, emails are still welcome – pictures of babies, boyfriends, recent travel are all welcome too :0

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