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Heart Transplant and Etsy

We have this sign on the door of our apartment and I like the idea of it but don’t like how big it is. My southern roots come out strong in a few places: the urge to ask anyone who … Continue reading

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Spurgeon Quote

‘Don’t you know that day follows night, that flood comes after ebb, that spring and summer succeed winter. Hope then! Hope always! For God does not fail you. Don’t you know that your God loves you in all this? Mountains … Continue reading

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Post-Op 2.4

The arrival of August means the arrival of my new planner and I want to use this new feature I added to help me remember God’s faithfulness throughout the next year.  At the top of each two-page spread is this … Continue reading

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Post-Op List

The past few days have been crazy with me sitting and watching one tube after another being disconnected from Little. She went from having 14 pumps running at once to nothing at all over the course of four days. It’s … Continue reading

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No More Waiting – Amazing

“The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.” Psalm 126:11 It’s funny to sit down to type up the events of the past few days because every stage was “steady as she goes” and every … Continue reading

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Waiting 1A – Week Four Ending

The breathing tube is out and Little is awake! She is still a bit groggy and is having a hard time getting comfortable due to residual effects of the medication, BUT she is talking and smiling and we couldn’t be … Continue reading

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Waiting 1A – Week Four – Won’t Stop

A quick update: Little is stable and has had no arrhythmias for 48 hours! They are decreasing the medication that targets this specific issue and transitioning  to a milder version later today. *We won’t stop praying for an absence of arrhythmias. She … Continue reading

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